O81cn - ImgurThis is the official card game of the UVABronies. It has devoured most of our meetings for the past several meetings.

Making a Card:

To make a card, use a regular 3x5 notecard in portrait style (that means the card is taller than it is wide) with the red line on the left. Title of the card is put on top, a drawn picuture below the title, the effect the card has below the picture, and an optional discription below that, on the bottom of the card. Special subtyping of cards goes in the left margin beyond the red line, and as a general rule nothing else.


Start by shuffling the deck and dealing out 5 cards to everypony. Player to the left of the dealer goes first.

When it is your turn, take a card from the deck. All free actions must be taken before a player's main action is played. A player's main action is taken by either playing an action card or playing an object card and activating it's ability. After your action, if you have more than 5 cards you must discard cards until your hand is back down to 5 cards. Play then continues clockwise.


Void = Actions cards no longer take effect, object card effects are no longer in effect, however object cards remain on the field

Instant Protection = Instantly 'dispels' any card effect

Pony AIDS = prevents victory {C FOREVER = out of play

To the Moon = discard pile

Sub Classes:

Instant Action Card Can be played at any time.
Reversal Instant Card Reverses the effect of any card played against the player.
Thread Object Card Other object cards may be played on top of.
Wrap-up Object Card Only 1 can be played at a time, the card is played to the center of the table, and cannot be voided or otherwise discarded. Sets a win condition for the game.
Derail Action Card Discards a thread card and all cards on top of it.
Princess Object Card Stand-alone win condition.
Gag Any Card When discarded, remove from play.
State Object Card Card that effects the state of the game
Fashion Dress Object Card In order to play this card, it must be attached to a pony. Only 1 per pony.
Fashion Accessory Object Card In order to play this card, it must be attached to a pony. Only 1 per pony.

Card Ideas:

{C Morgan Freeman Pony is eating cotton candy

Samuel L Jackson Pony - motherfucking snakes in the mother fucking hole

D'aww Card - something bad happens to first person to stop d'awwing or something good happens to last person to stop


Game design Ideas:

-More ponies



-Cowboy/Art Critic

-Unshorn Fetlocks


-Rarity's Fashion Show (Wrap-up)