09FsG - ImgurConstitutions

We've got two.

Check out the Official Constitution for the rules that we presented to UVA.

Check out the Unofficial Constitution for the rules we like better!


We meet every week on Saturday at 7:30 to watch episodes and goof off, usually via an activity planned the week beforehand. Expect to get together, make something, and just have fun and do things we think are vaguely pony related. Previous meeting activities include everything from Pony Kindergarden to creating our own card game to drawing random ponies around grounds .

Occasionally we'll hold special meetings and larger events outside of the above meeting time. Events like this range anywhere from helping out with a Brown College rave to planning a club trip to BroNYCon.

We're always looking for ideas for future meetings, and you can check out stuff we've already done here!


We make a lot of art, and we like to keep a gallery of it. The Brony community is largely a creative one, and we try to participate as much as we can. Group projects and collaborations are heartily welcomed and encouraged. Even if you just have an idea, we'll help to get the resources required (or just make Luna do it).

We do keep some rules about how to format images to be posted on this wiki, written and enforced by our image Nazis.

My-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-come-backO81cn - Imgur1000 Blank Flank Card Game Rules

The rules for this infamous game that sucks hours out of our time and sends them to the moon can be found here.


Go to the Minecraft Information Page for a ton of information on our local Minecraft server.


Occasionally we put up polls . Some of them are below:

D&D and Roleplay Links

They can be found here. Thanks CelestialBananas .

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