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Server is currently down -- Pending Hardware Upgrades (More RAM = Very Yes)

We do have a minecraft server that's hosted off of TerminalHunter's beast of a desktop computer.

In order to connect to it, you'll need Hamachi (unmanaged) and can connect using the following info:

NetworkID = UVABrony

Password can be obtained by asking somepony in the skype.

You'll know you've connected when you can see a few green dots that represent other members currently connected.

Once you've connected, just open up Minecraft and connect to:

Then you are done and can start:


World Map:

When connected to the hamachi, you can goto to view the world map of the server updated in real time. You'll even be able to see all the players moving around the map and all the chat messages we say.

Use the bottom bar to chat along with in-game players, and use the right-hoof menu to choose your view/other options.

If you'd like to add icons to the map, you'll need to ask any server admin (Currently: it's just Luna) to give you the required permissions, then you can use the following command to add a marker to the map:

/dmarker addicon "Name goes here" icon:###

The "icon:###" is an optional parameter you can use to define what your map icon will use. Just replace the ### with the name of the icon you would like to use. Our map has a bunch of cutie marks and other pony related icons you can access using the following names:

  • p-aj for Apple Jack's
  • p-bb for Bon-Bon's
  • p-best for Fluttershy's
  • p-bm for Big Macintosh's
  • p-bp for Berry Punch's
  • p-c for Princess Celestia's
  • p-cl for Cheerilee's
  • p-cmc for the Cutie Mark Crusader's icon
  • p-ct for Carrot Top's
  • p-d for Daisy's
  • p-dh for Derpy Hooves'
  • p-drw for Dr. Whooves'
  • p-l for Princess Luna's
  • p-ly for Lyra's
  • p-o for Octavia's
  • p-p for Pinkie Pie's
  • p-r for Rarity's
  • p-rd for Rainbow Dash's
  • p-sb for the Shadow Bolt's Icon
  • p-tgapt for The Great and Powerful Trixie's
  • p-ts for Twilight Sparkle's
  • p-vs for Vinyl Scratch's
  • p-wb for the Female Wonderbolt Icon
  • p-wb2 for the Male Wonderbolt Icon
  • p-z for Zecora's.... uh, cutie mark? That thing on her backside that we havn't quite decided what it is