09FsG - ImgurWhen posting ponies, it's important to follow these guidelines to ensure that pony pictures are in good quality for the sake of the entire online community.

1. Use correct file extensions
Comparison of JPEG and PNG

Quick comparison between PNGs and JPGs

(especially .png for pony)
There's a reason there are different file types. They compress and save pictures differently, so it's important to know which file type is appropriate to use. Typically, you will want to use .png files. .png pictures compress by remembering segments and chunks of the picture that are the same color, therefore optimizing the quality of pictures with uniform coloring and an absence of noise. However, .jpg is more handy for real photos, scans, and pictures with blurry effects or a lot of noise, as it compresses efficiently by approximating the color of pixels.
2. No watermarks
Visible watermarks are extremely annoying and detrimental to quality picture sharing. If a picture contains a watermark not inserted nor intended by the original creator of the image, avoid it at all costs.