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Rarity does not approve of this fic.

This page contains content that may be damaging to your mental state. I'd really like to apologize profusely for any damage and/or nightmares that result from reading this page. It is the result of a few of the members' brainstorms, and in no way represnts the official opinions or views of Bronies@UVA.

This needs to be a hipster fanfic movie and all the ponies will be hipster Celestia starts liking Trixie and they fall deeply in love. Twilight is super-conflicted and almost kills Trixie in an epic magic battle.

>but before that

Twilight wants to break up Celestia and Trixie because Celestia belongs to Twilight because she is her faithful student, but while she tries to break them up, she should develop feelings for Trixie as well.

Twilight is in a relationship with Rarity, who is into Fluttershy, who is an innocent flower. Spike is still Twilight's aide but secretly in love with Trixie. Applejack and Rainbow Dash are that one couple that makes you sick with how lovey-dovey they are; they constantly stare into each other's eyes and other deep shit. Sweetie Belle secretly has feelings for Rarity because she's still insecure from Sisterhooves, because we must awkwardly shoehorn in an episode reference for no reason. Pinkie Pie bends reality all the time now, and Scootaloo is now madly in love with her and wants to be just like her.

Twilight needs a way to vent her frustrations, so she joins a basketball team. Rarity is a cheerleader for the basketball team. At some point she should make out with Twilight because Twilight loves thoughtful bi fillies and dunt hate homoseckshuals. Rarity gets in a terrible accident and loses a leg or something. She goes to hospital, at which point she's supposed to ride home from the hospital in a taxi driven by Apple Bloom. She thinks Fluttershy is inside, but Fluttershy gets scared away by something. Sweetie Belle sees her chance and hides under a blanket in the taxi. Rarity confesses her feelings to who she thinks is fluttershy, and starts passionately making out with her/actuallySB. At a pivotal moment when thunder claps, Apple Bloom turns around, the blanket falls off of SB, and they all realize what's happening. Rarity and Sweetie Belle continue making out passionately while Applebloom is scarred for life.

AJ and RD ruin the team's chance at winning the state championship, which sends twilight into a deep depression, which is when she finally realizes that she also has feelings for Trixie.Clappinglyra