UVABrony Wiki
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Rules for on the Wiki

Here are a few things to help make the wiki run smoothly.

  • First and foremost, confirm your identity with broniesuva@gmail.com , so that you can be given permissions to edit the mainspace pages.
  • Be constructive, and add things to the wiki. We are always looking for more ideas for future meetings, as well as new polls!
  • Follow the Proper Pony Grammar and Proper Pony Picture Etiquette rules. Do remember, though, that nopony is perfect. If you find any mistakes around the wiki, please fix them with a positive attitude

​Rules for Meetings

Our meetings are every Saturday at 7:30 PM. Be nice, and follow these rules:

  • Follow the club bylaws found in the Official Constitution and the Unofficial Constitution.
  • No spoilers! Many of our members don't watch the episode until that night's meeting, so please save discussion of that day's episode until after the screening.
  • We always need more members! Feel free to invite any other Bronies you know from around grounds. You can bring people in from off grounds too, but if you plan to bring more than one, email broniesuva@gmail.com first so that we can control how many people from off-grounds we bring in (for CIO purposes).
  • Our meetings are really informal, and our activities are rarely planned far in advance. Feel free to mention any ideas for activities or games.
  • Take lots of pictures! We're always looking for more publicity, and more things to add to the Art Gallery.