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Official Format for Listserv Threads Clause

All threads to be started through, in order to be taken seriously, must contain:

Cutie Mark Crusaders Clause

Whenever somepony says:

"Cutie Mark Crusaders - X"

All present members must respond with:


Extra points for voice cracks

X may be any activity imaginable

Mode of Transportation Clause:

When traveling as a group, UVABronies should either skip or "Pinkie Pie hop" as much as possible. These are the only acceptable forms of hoof-based locomotion.

Travel with the assitance of coconuts may only be initiated after 3 references to Monty Python, no more, no less. Three shall be the number of references thou shalt say, and the number of the referencing shall be three. Four shalt thou not reference, neither thou reference two, excepting that thou then proceed to a third reference. Five is right out

Naming Conventions Clause

The names used for the ponies (notably background ponies) will those used in the fanon.

For example:

  • Lyra
    • NOT Heartstrings
  • Carrot Top
    • NOT Golden Harvest

Vinyl Scratch and DJ-PON3 are both acceptable names.

Notable Exceptions

Lyra Heartstrings (with Heartstrings as a last name) is acceptable, but not prefered.

Refering to Carrot Top as Golden Harvest will result in your immediate death. banishment to the moon.

Berryshine is acceptable because Berry Punch is clearly not a unicorn.

Important Information

Emma is a pillow.